Monday, December 07, 2009


So I have been re-decorating our office! I spend 75% of my time (at home) in the office because of photography so I decided I wanted it to be a place I could enjoy and then also a place where clients could come instead of meeting at random Starbucks! I’ve thought long and hard about what I wanted and everything is starting to fall into place! I’ll post pictures once everything is in order, but for now here is what will be in our office:)

Desk-We were given an old antique table desk which is exactly what I wanted! Kaz has put in many long hours into sanding and staining the desk to make it look “more modern”.

Chairs-There are 2 types of chairs. 1 is for the clients or guest (brown vine chairs-there will be 2 of those in the room) and then a desk chair for me to sit in(gold chair)

Lamps-2 lamps (1 floor, 1 table)

Bookshelf-I have wanted a bookshelf like this for months:)

And finally a few accessories that we don’t yet have but will soon!!! I'm waiting to see the finished product before buying a lot of accessories. So here are the pieces of the room and hopefully soon there will be pictures up of the finishing product:) Let me know your thoughts!!!

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carissa said...

so beautiful! i am looking forward to seeing the finished product - especially the desk! i know everything will look fabulous!