Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Laguna Beach....

Part 2:
The last 3 days of our trip were spent in Laguna Beach, CA. Yes, I wanted to go there because I liked the reality show soo much:) Actually, in college this was my favorite show. Me, my roommate Cyprian, and good friend Wendy would watch Laguna Beach every week! Ok back to the trip…We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Laguna Beach BUT this wasn’t your typical Holiday Inn. It felt like we were staying in a little French quarter inn. It was so elegant and every room opened to a closed corridor that had a pool, hot tubs, tables, flowers everywhere, and little quaint restaurant. Our shower was completely tiled in everywhere and had a little bench inside. Our TV was about a 50 inch, and the bed looked like the most expensive bed I have ever seen let alone slept in. I loved the hotel! Below are a few pictures…

While in Laguna, we didn’t do a lot. It was such a neat town that most of our time was spent traveling around to really see what Laguna had to offer. Almost all of the shops and restaurants were mom and pop stores which was really cool. It wasn’t commercialized at all. We walked on the beach a lot, went in almost every shop we saw, ate at some great little side walk restaurants, and drove through the hills to see all the houses. I think that’s the part I liked the most about Laguna-It was so beautiful to look out and see these big cliffs and the ocean, and then look behind you and see mountains. Kaz is a big runner and has been training for a marathon actually coming up this weekend. While we were there, he was dedicated and would run these crazy high hills everyday and loved it. Me on the other hand, it made me sick to my stomach to think about running up hills so steep but Kaz loved it! The only thing Kaz asked to do while we were there was go hiking at Laguna Canyon. We parked our car, started hiking and then all of sudden I saw this sign:

TERRIFIED…That’s what crossed my mind. When I read the part, “mountain lions have been known to attack without warning” I literally could picture us walking and this happening. Fear set in and wouldn’t leave. Now my sweet husband knew if I saw this sign I wouldn’t go any farther, and he was right…He tried for me not to see the sign but it was too late. We hiked all of 50 feet and then turned around. Most husbands would get mad, but Kaz didn’t. He understood and we still had a great time…I think we went to the mall:)

Overall, our trip was great and it was a much needed break from work and photography! Below are a few pictures of Laguna Beach. I would highly recommend going:)

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