Tuesday, December 08, 2009

90210....and Khloe Kardashian....

This will be a 2 part post…
Part 1:

At the end of October, Kaz and I went on our annual vacation/anniversary trip to California. This year we spent 2 days in Hollywood and then 3 days in Laguna Beach. I was very excited about this trip because I have always wanted to go out to Hollywood! A little confession…I’m a reality show junkie! I love reality TV. A few of my favorite shows are The Hills, The City, The Rachel Zoe Project, The Kardashians, etc….A little history-Kaz and I in the past have tended to travel to places that have appeared on some of my favorite reality shows. Now at the time Kaz didn’t know this but….:) For example: When we got married we really wanted to go on a cruise but our wedding was on a Sunday and most of the cruises left on Sundays, so we had to change plans. I mentioned Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Now personally I would have never known of this place BUT thanks to Laguna Beach (former reality show on MTV) I knew about it and wanted to go! So we started looking for hotels and I remembered the name of the hotel where the kids on Laguna Beach stayed and thought it must be nice so we stayed there as well and it was amazing! So we had a great time in Cabo and our hotel was amazing thanks to Laguna Beach!

Ok, so backing up to our trip to California….every time I travel I always look for celebrities (I call it putting my goggles on). Kaz thinks I’m crazy because I always say Oh that looks like…and in reality it’s not I’m just trying so hard to see someone famous! Well this will sound crazy but in September and October I went on 3 trips to New York, DC, and California. I prayed that I would see a celebrity in 1 of those places…I know, crazy! So our first hotel was in Bel Air at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. I knew nothing about this hotel except that it was very nice. Below are a few pictures of our swanky hotel….

We arrived at our hotel and I was given a gift certificate to the hotel spa from some friends of ours, so after checking in Kaz said let’s go to the spa so you can make your reservation. The following occurred:

• I opened the hotel door and immediately I heard a voice that I recognized!
• I looked and walking down the hall toward us was a camera filming 2 people.
• I looked closer and recognized that the 2 people being filmed was Khloe Kardashian and Bruce Jenner.
• I was in total shock and could not take my eyes off of them
• The camera man, Khloe and Bruce walked past me and if it wasn’t bad enough I then turned around, looked back at them, and opened my mouth just as wide as I could. I was in total shock!

I was so excited to see them because I love the show, prayed to see a celebrity, and they were staying in the room right beside us! It was a great start to our trip! Now I was telling my good friend Brittainy this story the other day and she said “Who’s Khloe Kardashian?”. I couldn’t believe what I heard but for those who don’t know who Khloe or Bruce are, below is their picture!

The Hollywood area was a lot different than I imagined. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time but it’s a lot different than it appears on TV shows and movies. Here’s an example! One thing that Kaz and I did was buy a stars home map. It’s basically a map of all the stars homes and addresses. We only went to 2 of the homes but while we were driving around we came upon Beverly Hills High School. Well I’m a fan of 90210(the old and new show) so I asked Kaz if we could stop and take a look around. We literally walked around the entire school and I was so confused because I saw nothing that was on the show. Now I realize a lot of shows are filmed on sets, but I knew the shots of the school were probably filmed at the school. I was very confused and perplexed…..Kaz didn’t care but I talked his ear off about it so he finally told me to research it. I did and this is what I found!

90210 was actually filmed at Torrence High School about 20 miles away from Beverly Hills High School. Torrence High School is not even in the 90210 zip code. I never knew that and when I started researching it I was floored at all the other interesting facts I never knew about this show and many other movies. Below are pictures of both Torrence High School (which most of you should recognize) and then Beverly Hills High School!

Beverly Hills High School
Torrence High School

I could honestly go on and on about our time in Hollywood but I won’t:) Check back tomorrow for a post from our time in Laguna Beach!

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carissa said...

you and your celebrities crack me up!!! the hotel looked a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! so glad you guys had fun!