Sunday, September 15, 2013


This weekend we had a mountain getaway with our good friends, the Rogan's and the Vedder's. I honestly wish I could have stayed for several weeks! I LOVE the mountains and the weather was absolutely perfect: cool, crisp, and fall like. We stayed in the same house that we did at Thanksgiving, and it's in the perfect location. My favorite part is how many deer are around. There's something so breath taking and peaceful about seeing wildlife[the non-dangerous ones] in the wild. Seeing deer, unclose in the woods is such a peaceful thing to me and immediately makes me thank the Lord for sharing His creation with me. 
It was so nice walking out in the cool morning, on the front porch with a big cup of hot chocolate with marsh-mellows in a sweatshirt and pajama pants.
Can you tell I had a great weekend? 
We really had so much fun. I have missed these girls so much since moving to Hartsville. We had a relaxing time and a much needed "catching up" time. The kids loved being together again. 
I didn't take many pictures, but here's a few! 
Kaz actually saw 4 bears! I really wish I would have, but it was a neat experience for him. 

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