Friday, September 28, 2012

catching up...

This is my attempt to catch up on the last few weeks! 

I've been doing this Ruth bible study by Kelly Minter. It has been absolutely amazing! We finished on Thursday night. It is incredible ALL the ways the Lord had worked through this study. TRUST ME, it's good:) I'll be sharing more of this sometime next week. It was definitely a life changing study. 
This is Jennifer and Marie. My 2 bible study girls and great friends!
Annie Rice and her baby doll, "Amy Rice".

at gymnastics...

Her favorite game...To act like we can't see her:)

Tea party:)

She looks like an alien. All of her sunglasses are worn up side down!
I had to wear this ugly thing for a couple of days. I had a spot removed on my face. Thankfully, it was the week Kaz was gone on his mission trip:)

what are we going to do with her hair...
While we were at my parents house, we went to see my good buddy's Mr. Billy and Mr. AP.
Mr. AP got Annie Rice a baby doll. She was so happy. She was not feeling good that day, so I had to bribe her with a sucker to take a picture with these 2. After we left the nursing home, we went to Wal-Mart and they were out of dum dums. So I asked what she wanted and she picked out a whole bag of candy corn. She had a death grip on that bag! I finally got it away from her, and 5 candy corns did the trick:)

I bought this for our kitchen. It's beautiful!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

we are all back together...

If only I could begin to write down everything that has happened in the last 2 weeks! It honestly could be a book:) 
Kaz left 2 weeks ago for a 10 day mission trip out of the country[I can’t say where]. The trip was very intense and him and 2 other men hiked and camped during the day and at night. While he was gone, I went to stay with my parents for a few days. My scruffy man made it safely back Sunday morning at 12:30am. We were so glad to see him! On Sunday, we all slept pretty much all day! Annie Rice was awake 3 hours of the day:) I was thankful because Kaz needed to rest before going back to work on Monday! Here are a few pictures from our “airport time”.

Annie Rice went up to one of the hikers and pulled this book out of there bag! It was in another language but she sat and read it for about 15 minutes:)

 The team. Split into 2 teams of 3. 

 His flight back was supposed to land in Charleston at 1050pm. Me, Annie Rice, and another wife left to go to the airport at 10. At 10:20pm we got a text that they hadn't even left the runway in NYC. So we decided to still go to the airport and just wait. What a blessing we got to see. This crowd of people were waiting for a family coming back from China who adopted a little girl. It was such a sweet reunion and had me crying! The funny thing was, I knew about 10 people in the group:)

 airport friends and friends in everyday life!
 Seeing him with a beard:) I beg him not to shave sometimes:)

 Annie Rice loves snaps. The first thing she said was, "davvy fix it". She calls him davvy and always wants to snap the buckles on his backpack. 

 The next day:)

 We are happy girls to have Kaz back!

Monday, September 17, 2012

what a personality....

I took these pictures over labor day of Annie Rice. Her facial expressions crack me up!