Sunday, October 22, 2006

Today is Sunday, 22 October. Just one week to go! We've been waiting for this since April and now it's finally here! If you are reading this, we hope you will join us in Charleston for the celebration or if it already has happened, your were there with us! Last night, we spent the day with Pete and Emily, my brother and best friend and his wife. They got married early June and Amy and I were both in their wedding. Now, a couple months later, we are getting married and they are both going to be in our wedding!
So we have four days of work this week and then we drive down Thursday night. Friday and Saturday is time for us to do last minute things and hang out with friends and family. That'll be lots of fun, people are coming from all over the coast and midwest to make it!
Well, more later, this is just our first post, I'd like to keep up to date and update this for any of yal that would like to read about how our first year and following goes! Maybe we'll even update from our honeymoon in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico!