Tuesday, July 27, 2010


-I really want to learn how to sew! I know the bare minimal basics but I want to know more! I would be willing to barter or trade any photography sessions or class for some sewing classes! I’ve made the basics-Burpies and blankets BUT I really want to learn to sew curtains and little dresses! Here’s a few things I’ve made…

-Juicing is a very powerful thing…I told you awhile back that Kaz and I started and it was going great. One thing I noticed over the 3 months we juiced was I stopped having sinus problems and no longer had to take medicine. I have ALWAYS had problems with my sinuses and for as long as I could remember I took medicine almost every day. While juicing I never had to take medicine or had problems. We stopped because life got busy and we were traveling so much and let me just say…The last 2 months I have taken sinus medicine EVERYDAY! We started back juicing and once again no medicine! If you have any illness or sickness it’s definitely worth trying! It’s a very powerful thing! We only juice carrots now unlike before when we juiced a lot of other veggies. So every day I drink a 8-10oz glass of carrot juice! Yum, Yum!

-The next 2 weeks are going to be extremely busy for me with photography. I’ve had a little break which has been nice but it’s getting ready to be insanely busy BUT then I go on my trip to NYC!

-Speaking of NYC, What are some things you have enjoyed doing there? It’s my favorite place and I’ve gone every year for the last 5 years. I know the city really well but I’m always looking for different things to do! I also want to see a celebrity!

-Stay tuned until tomorrow….I’M FINALLY going to post pictures of the nursery :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chocolate Oreo Balls

My mom told me this great AND easy recipe that I wanted to try! It turned out so good, I thought I would share it with you!

-Take 1 box of chocolate cake mix. Cook your cake like you normally would!

-In a separate bowl crumble a box of oreos. Once the cake has cooked, tear it all apart and mix with the oreos and add a whole carton of cream cheese! Mix everything together to that you can take little chunks and roll them into balls!

-Heat either white or regular chocolate and dip the balls in it! Cool them in the refrigerator!

TRUST me! It’s so yummy! You can do this with any cake mix and make it your own! My next experiment will be Red Velvet dipped in white chocolate!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

just a few....of my favorite things.....[right now!]

A few of my favorite things…..[in NO particular order]

-Bravo and Oxygen
-MY husband….He has had a LOT of projects lately! Including this amazing piece of furniture that he built! I must take a picture of the finished project! Pottery barn-$1500, Kaz Prikazsky-less than $100! It looks amazing!

-100 calorie packs
-rainbows and pearls [oh, what WOULD I do without you!]
- schlotzsky's deli
-My sweet puppy Miley

-grilled chicken over Caesar salad with baked potatoes! Our dinner for 3 nights now in a row! I think we will make it a 4th! Yum, Yum!
-Diet Coke[Sometimes I wish I didn’t like you-you are a BAD habit!]
-my mom! She’s coming to help me deep clean Thursday and Friday! And you too dad:)
-This beautiful fabric! It’s a part of my latest home project!

-Picture Frames-I can’t get enough! I must have them everywhere!
-New York[I’m so excited to visit you in 3 weeks!]

What a few of YOUR favorite things right now?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kaz and I are going to be holding a silent auction online in a few weeks to help raise money for the adoption. SO many people have been very generous and given us a lot of great things! I’m still looking for a few more items and wanted to get your input on some other things that might be nice to add!

Here’s what we have so far:
2 Clemson football tickets
2 framed prints
1 free haircut and style
8 gift baskets [for any occasion-Mexican & Italian cooking, baby, children, spa, etc]
1 gift certificate to a florist
2 hour consultation with a financial consultant
1 wood standing mirror
1 pillow case dress and hair bows
1 dozen tokens to the cupcake store

Help! What else can you think of that I should add!

Monday, July 19, 2010

a really hard lesson.....

I’ve been a little frustrated lately….If you’ve kept up with my blog you know that I’ve gone through many stages with the infertily/adoption process. I’ve been hurt, mad, sad, joyful, excited, etc. It’s literally been a daily battle….

I haven’t really written lately anything about where I’m at personally…I really don’t know why I haven’t, I just haven’t blogged really about anything serious. But I feel like I need to share…

The last few months have been really hard for me and Kaz……It seems like everything financially that could go wrong has[surgery, new ac for the house, timing belt for both cars, unexpected plane tickets to St. Louis, etc]. I think total in the last 5 months we have literally spent around $6k on “unexpected” things. Thankfully we’ve had the money, but still I’ve been frustrated. We’ve tithed regularly and have tried to be smart with our money saving for the adoption but when it seems like we move forward we fall 3 steps back. I keep wondering where in the world money for the adoption is going to come from…It’s clear we can’t do it on our own.

Emotionally, we’ve both been hurting. Kaz just lost his mom and is hurting in ways I can’t even understand. I’m aching to have a family and some days don’t know if it will ever happen. Life has just been hard.

I don’t deal with hurt very well….I run away. If I’m hurting I try to do everything I can NOT to think about it. Which says a lot about my walk with the Lord. In every situation I think the worst….If Kaz ask me to swim in the ocean, before I step foot in it a shark has bitten my leg off or eaten all of me. Literally, I think the worst in EVERY situation. I try not to, but I do. I’ve done the same with the adoption…..A few months back I was so joyful about our situation. I was thankful for the place we were at…Yesterday I was plain mad. I sat down for the first time in a long time and read the bible and prayed. Like I said before, when I hurt I run away which includes me running away from time with the Lord. Since I think the worst in every situation, I automatically believe the lie that the Lord is not good and he is punishing me. Now this is my own sin, but it’s a hard thing to fight.

A few years ago, the Lord taught me what it meant for Him to be Enough for me. Everytime I heard the song enough by chris tomlin I would bawl. Lately, I’ve been thinking the same thing but have been fighting to really think about it. I haven’t wanted to learn that lesson again. I feel like I’ve been struggling for so long I’m just ready for things to be easier….

I know my heart and attitude isn’t in the right place, and I really am fighting this. I’ve made a commitment for the next 7 days to really spend time in the word and in prayer. That’s a big commitment for me because I let life and my busyness get in the way….I’m praying for Joy…I’m praying for Hope….and I’m praying for truth…..

Do you ever struggle like this….?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a HOLLYWOOD ending....:(

Do you watch the Hills? If so, PLEASE tell me what you thought of the ending….

I’ve watched this show since the girls started way back to Laguna Beach days. I’ve LOVED it! It’s been the one show that I’ve continued to watch….AND I was so sad to see it go that was UNTIL the ending….

You see, I’ve thought this whole time that it was real….sure there are fake moments I knew that, BUT now I’m questioning if the WHOLE thing was fake.

For you non-Hills fans let me set the stage….Everyone is moving into different stages of life. Kristen the main character is leaving for Europe and Brody Jenner [her friend, ex-boyfriend, etc] comes to tell her goodbye outside her Hollywood home. They hug, she cries and gets in the car to leave….It shows him still standing in the road with the Hollywood sign behind him seeing her off AND THEN totally pans out so you can see a backdrop, a Hollywood lot, and the camera crew….

I sat there speechless….AT FIRST, I was just plain confused, so I kept re-winding it…Then I got mad, and now I’m just plain sad. I feel like my view of the show over the last few years have just been crushed….

WHAT DID YOU think of the Hills finale episode?

Oh well....I think I will choose to believe it was all real...I like it better that way:)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catching up….

I know it’s been awhile…with traveling and everything that has happened over the last month, I really haven’t had a lot of time to blog! So I’m going to catch you up on a few things[none of really any importantce] going on….
1. I recently wrote Tori Spelling a letter….Yes, I know crazy! BUT I did[more on this later!].

2. I can’t stop looking at all the CSN stores. I could seriously buy everything! They have such a wide range of products from baby items, bedroom vanity, lighting, dishes, etc. I have so many things on my wish list:)

3. I am going on a girls trip to NY in August! I’m SOOO excited!

4. I’m really sad the Hills will be ending tonight…..I have watched this show since it started 8 or so years ago as Laguna Beach…It makes me sad just thinking about it….

5. The nursery is almost done! I’m waiting on the bumper and a few small items….Kaz painted it and he just has to finish the base boards and then I’ll share some pictures:)

6. We loved spending time with our new nephew Matias. Can you believe Kaz has NEVER changed a diaper before! Matias was his first…..and then he peed on him! We were all laughing. Here are a few iphone photos from our time with him!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

introducing my new nephew....

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm an aunt! Even though this week has been hard and we have been mourning the lose of Kaz's mom, we have also been celebrating the life of this sweet little boy. It didn't take very long for me to become attached to baby Matias. He has stolen my heart and I could take thousands of pictures of him if his momma would let me! Below are a few that we took this week....the good, the bad, and the down right dirty!
Hope you enjoy.....
Matias Rain Prikazsky
His dad couldn't resist.....
the "real" scene behind a newborn photoshoot!
the "dirty" job!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

an amazing woman....

The last few days have been really hard....My mother in law passed away on Sunday. She is missed so much....
BUT we are rejoicing because she is finally whole....She can walk and is probably dancing through the streets as I write this. Anne Prikazsky was an amazing lady, incredible mom, and proud grandmother. She said she wanted to stay around long enough to see her grandchild and her prayer came through. Peter[Kaz's younger brother] came home 2 weeks ago from Japan after being there for 3 years. He was able to introduce his son to his grandmother...Thank you Lord for this incredible woman.
Kaz was trying to get her to workout! Lol!