Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A canceled flight….

Turns out, our flight got canceled so we were able to stay in Jamaica another day!

The view was incredible and completely different from our previous hotel! We stayed on a peninsula and honestly felt like we were in San Francisco[one of our favorite places] looking over at Sausalito!

We had a blast!

Monday, June 28, 2010

a trip to Jamaica…..

Sorry it’s been so long…

Kaz and I spent last week in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I had a wedding there! Our friends Chris and Amber got married on Monday the 21st. It was absolutely beautiful! Seriously, unlike any wedding I’ve ever seen….It was so beautiful on the white sand next to the clear blue ocean. Beautiful! To see a few pictures from the wedding visit my photography blog here.

Me and Amber[The bride]

While I was there for work, Kaz and I decided to stay a few extra days to enjoy ourselves! We stayed at the RIU resort which was extremely nice. It was all inclusive. Now Kaz liked that a little better than I did. I’m not used to eating buffet food 3 times a day, but him on the other hand loved every meal! I’m a very picky eater so that didn’t help much either but while we were there I actually lost weight so I must say I love all inclusive! My favorite meal was breakfast. Every morning Kaz and I would eat pancakes covered in Nutella! Yum, Yum! You can only eat that on vacation though!
[The Resort]

[Our not very healthy, but delicious breakfast]
The resort and view was absolutely amazing! I’m not a big beach person. I love the pool, but I could literally spend hours just lying on the beach. It was so cool and breezy thanks to the palm trees, and so relaxing.

On Tuesday, we spent the whole day lounging by the pool and ocean, and then had Mexican for dinner that night. I called it “The Perfect Day”!

[This was my favorite spot!]
On Wed, we packed up all of luggage and made the 2 hour trip back to the airport….We thought we were leaving but….

[To be continued]

Monday, June 07, 2010

losing weight....

I’ve been trying to lose some weight…I worked really hard at it for awhile and then kind of slacked off but I’m so close to my goal I’m back on the band wagon again. Since January I’ve lost 25 pounds. I’ve got 15 more to go!

Here’s me last August…..

Here’s me last weekend!

A few key items that have helped me lose weight:

1. Running!
2. My favorite foods:)

First-My breakfast every morning [Yes, I have ice cream for breakfast] Blue Bunny Aspen Bars!

Snack-100 calorie chocolate pretzels! Yum, my favorite

Lunch and most dinners-Smart Ones. I love these! They are so easy but so yummy! My favorites are the Baked Ziti and Creamy Rigatoni!

I have found a new dinner that I love. Wanchai Ferry Beef and Broccoli. This is so easy and taste delicious! I add Brown Rice and the meal is complete! You should definitely try it!

What are some tips that have helped you lose weight?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

a little about adoption.....

So a lot of people keep asking about the adoption…How it works. The timeline, etc….So I wanted to write a post explaining “how it works”

Basically, Kaz and I are in the “waiting stage”. What exactly does this mean? Well, we have been officially approved to adopt a child in the United States. We’ve gone through pages of paperwork and several back ground checks. We have also put down on the paperwork what we are ok with and what we are not ok with such as color, sex, physical disabilities, etc. It sounds so bad, but we literally had 2 full pages of things such a sex, race, handicaps, mental illnesses, etc that we had to go through and say Yes we are okay with, No we aren’t ok with , or we Will Consider this if it comes up. So up to this point, we’ve done everything we could in this process. Now it’s up to the birth mom.

Basically, we had to create a profile book [To see a copy of the book click here]. We ordered 4 of those books and one will be placed at each Bethany office in SC. There are 3 offices, with the additional book at the Myrtle Beach office [where our social worker is located]. The reasoning for the additional book is this….On Bethany’s website they have online profiles of waiting families. A lot of birth moms before ever stepping foot inside a Bethany office will look on Bethany’s website and go through all the profiles of waiting families in their state. If they don’t see one they like, then they will start looking at other states. If for some reason, a birth mom say from Florida liked us and wanted to see our profile book then Bethany would send the additional profile book to Florida. On the other hand, some birth moms don’t look at the online profiles. Instead they come to a Bethany office and look through all the profile books and make a decision based on that. So it’s important to have both a profile book and an online profile.

So a mom will choose us…..She could come in and choose us while she’s pregnant or she could choose us after the baby is born. So we have no idea what the time frame will be.

One downside COULD be [doesn’t mean this will happen] but if a birth mom picks us while she is pregnant, then she can’t sign relinquishment rights until after the baby is born. So if she picks us, and we go through the pregnancy with her, the baby is born, then she changes her mind then we start all over again. Basically, relinquishments rights can’t be signed until after the baby is born. So, we are praying that if a birth mom chooses us while she’s pregnant, that the Lord would give us clarity as to whether we say yes to move forward.

Our online profile should be up any day now on Bethany’s website under South Carolina. Basically, on the profile we have a letter to the birth mom, 2 pictures and a video. The video is very similar to our profile book but I thought I would share it with you! Kaz worked really hard on it!
Below is the link: It's on YouTube!

I hope all of this made sense….I know it can be confusing but so many people have asked how everything works I thought I would share!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A wedding, new floor, and a spoiled puppy….

This weekend we celebrated at my friend Amanda’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid which was a big change for me….I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself being in the wedding, and not behind the camera. Amanda was beautiful and I loved being a part of her big day! Here are a few pictures from the rehearsal dinner and wedding…

Also this past weekend, Kaz and my dad put down hardwood floor in my parents living room and hall. They worked all weekend on the floor, so by Monday they were tired! The floor looks great….Somehow in all the mix, Miley worked herself to death barking at cats and whatever else she could find, so she was quiet tired herself yesterday too! Before we left my parents, we all sat outside for awhile and little miss miley thought she deserved her own chair! Lol!