Friday, July 13, 2012


I absolutely LOVE Instagram, almost better than facebook! I decided to share some of my "instagrams" from the week...

These are a few teasers from Annie Rice's cookies and milk party]. I will share a lot more pictures next week!

 After cleaning in the kitchen some, I walked in my parents living room to find Kaz just like this! I'm not sure why he had a balloon tied to his foot, but from the looks of it, he was exhausted! I happen to love this picture of him:)
Kaz has been doing Crossfit for a couple of months now. He has really been wanting to eat a lot cleaner, so after a couple weeks of him persuading me to, we started this week and I have to say I can tell such a difference in the way that I feel! I will definitely be sharing more about this...We have been eating things this week that you don't have to open a bag for! So a lot of fresh fruit, veggies, and it has BEEN DELICIOUS! I can only think of 5 things that I've eaten this week that was not a fruit, veggie, meat. I cut out all 100 calorie packs[my favorite snack]! SO, this is what I've been eating as a snack. Strawberries, sugar free cool whip, and a few chocolate chunks. SO GOOD!
 Another delicious snack! Strawberry, peach, blueberry, banana, greek yogurt, and spinach smoothie!
 One of my favorite meals...Hawaiian grilled chicken, sugar snap peas with sea salt, AND MASHED Cauliflower that taste just like mashed potatoes:)
 Since I didn't have a lot of work to do this week while Annie Rice napped, I decided to read for awhile and ignore the complete mess in front of me:)
 Potty training...
 My favorite lunch that I eat everyday..Tomato, Avocado, and organic tortilla chips. 

 I got this sweet card in the mail...Made my day. 
 Running...surprised I didn't blind anyone with my bright colors. 

 The many faces of Annie Rice. Shark face, duck face, "cheese" face, and stick out[in her case, up] your tongue face!
 Pretending to be a pirate while watching her favorite show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates!
 Minnie "Mouseketeer"
 More food from this week....Spinach & Mozzarella stuffed chicken, zucchini, and sweet potato chips[Top left corner], Lemon chiken, roasted red potatoes, and string beans[Top right corner], Breakfast-every morning eggs and a strawberry yogurt nutragrain bar, snack-cucumber with salt, snack-pineapple. 
These are a few of my instagrams from the week! If you are an "instagramer" you can find me here:)

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MommyMandi said...

Oh my goodness! Annie Rice is a cutie pie. And how sweet and thoughtful was that card. That would have made my day. Mmm! Your new meals look delish! I'm trying to eat healthier too! You are doing an awesome job!

Erin said...

Instragram is also my favorite social media app. !!

Natalie Jane said...

That balloon photo is awesome!

Unknown said...

I love instagram too! So fun! The party looked great! We are eating clean over here these days too. Feels SO good!