Friday, July 27, 2012

my week...

This week hasn't slowed down! My mom came in town to help me CLEAN OUT! We went through every closet except mine. I threw stuff away, put piles together for a yard sale, and gave some to our neighbor. My closets are now super organized, clutter free,  and no longer full of junk I don't need:) It feels so good to know whats hidden in those closets are now pretty and organized! Thanks mom for helping me:) Below are some pictures from our week! Beware...some are absolute cuteness:)

We have gotten pretty good at carrying a potty around in the back of our car. Annie Rice doesn't seem to mind at all where she uses the bathroom:) Potty training this little girl wasn't bad at all! It was a lot better than what I anticipated. 
Annie Rice had her first McLeod peach! She loved it! Nothing beats McLeod peaches from McBee, SC!
 This sad face was after I told her to chew her food! She's gotten in this stage where she wants it to just sit in her mouth. Dinner time in our house takes about an hour because this little girl tries everything she can to NOT eat! The other day I told her that I was going to count to 3, and if she hadn't started chewing I was going to scold her. I said 1, she looked at me and in the sweetest voice, said 2. I couldn't help but laugh. 
 We've been making a lot of cookie dough cupcakes this week! She loves helping me mix. 
 Play date with Sunday School friends:) She was so tired after!
 My bible study is doing this Ruth study! It's AMAZING!!!
 Can you tell a difference in the 2 wallets below? I bought the top one 2 years ago at Target for $7. Every time I would pull it out in stores people would say how much they loved my HoBo. After 2 years, my favorite wallet broke and my sweet mom bought me a real HoBo! I LOVE IT! 
 Me and my friend Carissa. We have too much fun at photo booths at weddings!
 Awww....So beautiful! I LOVE pictures and I LOVE showing them off in our house! We added 4-5 frames on this wall this week and I was very happy! Kaz, not so much...He is not looking forward to filling all these holes one day when we move! 
 Duck face...
 Wearing MeMe's glasses...

 I found this adorable outfit at HomeGoods. I knew it would be a good dress up outfit! BUT it's so stinking cute! I have to think of a creative way to use it at least 1 picture:)

 Kaz made a new kitchen table! It's beautiful. I'll share more on this next week! I love my new farmhouse table:)

 One of Annie Rice's favorite shows is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I saw this shirt at Target the other day on sale for $3 and knew she would love it! So I bought it even though it was a little boys shirt! She doesn't want to take it off! She wore it all day yesterday with her patch, and kept talking like a pirate. Last night when we started to take the shirt off to put on pjs, she cried and cried and just wanted to wear her Jake shirt. So we are going on day 2! I'm going to have to get creative on how to get it off of her later today! BUT even though it's a boys shirt, she still looks cute in it:)


Ashley said...

Love all the pics!!

Wow! I can't wiat to hear more about the farm house table!! I love it!!!

Chrissie said...

That table is beautiful!!
And my hubs and I have the same conversations about pictures. I love pictures everywhere, especially family ones - I know that will only get worse when the baby comes - but hubby is always talking about the work involved when we move to fill all the holes! haha

Anne @ Hello Newmans said...

love the table! And the wallet :) I LOVE my hobo! can't wait till NYC!! xoxo

Linda said... weren't kidding...these pictures are filled with cuteness! She is just so adorable.

That's good that she is potty training so easily. And a good idea to carry the potty chair around in the car. (:>)

The little tutu outfit is so cute. i love little girls in tutu~s.

Happy Saturday!