Monday, July 16, 2012

a retreat for adoptive moms/waiting moms...ARE YOU IN?

Lately, I have felt like the Lord was calling me to some pretty big things on the adoption front, but honestly I just haven’t known what they were...2 weeks ago, I was driving back from Myrtle Beach after a fun few days with family, and the Lord confirmed one of the things He was calling me to. A retreat...for adoptive moms and women in the adoption process who are in the waiting stage. Once he laid this on my heart, my head hasn’t stopped spinning because I NEED this. So after a lot of prayer, searching, and talking with a few key people, we are having a RETREAT! There are 10 slots with only 7 slots open. The retreat will be the weekend of October 5-7th, 2012 at Kiawah Island, SC. We have a gorgeous house secured. We are partnering with Created for Care for this retreat and are so blessed to be able to watch some of the amazing speakers from past conferences! It’s going to be a great weekend to getaway, relax, connect with other adoptive moms/waiting mothers, spend time with the Lord, and be encouraged on this journey of adoption the Lord has called us too. Again, there are only 8 slots open! Below are the details:
Date : October 5-7th
Location: Kiawah Island, SC
Cost: $100 total. This includes ALL food and lodging!
To secure a spot: $50 is due to secure a spot, with the remainder of the retreat due by September 25th. 

Payment Options

Will you help spread the word?
If you buy a slot and are unable to attend, your slot can be sold to another mom wanting to attend. No refunds available. 


Just Believing said...

Im in !!!! I can't pay now cuz I'm on my phone but please secure spot for me ! Will vet in tonight after kids are in bed and pay :)

Beth said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful--I wish I was local!

will + adri said...

Oh, I wish I could go, but we will actually be on our family beach vacation during that time. Hope you gals have a great time!

Kelley E. said...

What a great idea. I've always wanted to go to the Created for Care retreat, but it is always in January, February or March. As a tax accountant, that's not going to happen. :) I'll have to check and see if that weekend works, but I'm so glad you're doing this!!

bethany783 said...

Can't wait! :)