Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day cookout...

After we got back from the Outer Banks, we went to my parents house for a few days! On Saturday, I got to meet my newest cousin Madeline. She's a month old! I also went swimming with my little cousin[Madeline's brother] Alan. We had a great time! 

 After swimming, we went to see Mr. Billy and Mr. AP. I always love seeing them:) Mr. Billy loves for me to make pumpkin bread. I haven't made any since Christmas...instead I've been making chocolate chip cookies when I visit. On Saturday, Mr. Billy said, "I'm ready for you to bring me some more of that pumpkin bread!" I guess I'll make that next time:)

 Sunday morning, Kaz and I went for a 1.5 hour walk in Hartsville. I love running/walking when I'm in Hartsville. Kaz really wanted to run BUT I begged him to walk with me. He kept saying he wouldn't get as good of a workout but eventually gave in:) Half way through, I said "How are you doing". He said, "Walking is harder than I thought". :) We had a great time! I always enjoy showing him new parts of the city! After our walk, the whole family came over to my parents for a cookout/swim! I of course, didn't want to do anything but hold the babies! My other new cousin is Sophie! I met her for the first time on Sunday!

The day didn't go down without some sort of trouble...Growing up around a pool someone was bound to get thrown in. I decided since I got in the pool on Saturday, that I wasn't going to get in on Sunday. My cousin William kept telling me that if I stepped foot in the gate, I was going to get thrown in SO I decided to stay far away from it:) My little cousins Ethan and Alan decided to start a water gun fight with my dad. He of course soaked me and then went out to the pool to wet other people. My dad was right next to the pool with his back to me...I of course couldn't resist the urge so I ran out to push him in. I REALLY WASN'T going to push him in, I just wanted him to think I was. After trying, I KNEW I HAD TO TURN AROUND AND RUN FAST because if he got me, I was going in. I took off running and couldn't stop! The picture below can help you understand a little better....I ran right threw the gate, into the table and pushed it just as far as it could go until hitting a rocking chair. I COULD NOT STOP! Thankfully, I didn't get hurt at all. BUT BOY did I hit the floor! I still laugh thinking about it! The funny part was, my dad didn't even chase me! He just turned around! HaHa! I think I'm usually "the trouble maker":) It was such a great weekend!

 Madeline and Sophie
 My uncle JE and Vester

 My dad, aunt Helen, uncle JE, and great aunt Edna Mae

 Ethan and Alan playing their games! I love this picture:)
 Me and dad
 Cousin William
 Ethan and new sister Sophie

 Me, Ethan and Alan

 Me and Mom

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