Sunday, May 08, 2011

a great weekend...

We had a REALLY FUN weekend! This was my first weekend in a while without a wedding[AT HOME] AND my only weekend free in May, so Kaz and I really tried to take advantage of it! Not to mention, he goes back to Colorado tomorrow:(
We met my parents for dinner Friday night for mother's day! Below are a couple of pictures! We ate at Chili's BUT due to the where the sun was our only option for a backdrop was HOOTERS! Ha-Ha! Kaz couldn't get his eyes right for some reason:)

 After dinner, we met Liz and Todd for Marble Slab! My favorite:) Cake batter + rainbow sprinkles + chocolate chips + chocolate waffle bowl = THE BEST!

Saturday morning, we slept in until 9! That's super late for Kaz! Normally he's up at the crack of dawn! We went to Mount Pleasant and ran the Cooper River Bridge, walked around downtown, and went to the dog show! For dinner, we had some friends over so we made hamburgers! Miley wanted one SO BAD! 

Such a fun weekend! Just sad to see Kaz leave tomorrow:(


mom said...

Glad you had a great weekend. I love the purple Nike shorts. They are my favorite. I love you, mom

Anne said...

I just got the same white shirt from banana! I love that great minds think alike :) You look GREAT!! Can't wait for our upcoming road trip!!! xoxo