Thursday, November 17, 2011

a little bit of everything...

I’ve been kind of MIA this week...There’s a very good reason. I simply have not been motivated to do anything! My “normal” schedule if you will has been changed due to me not scheduling any weddings after November 5-the end of February. I did this intentionally to have some time with my family and some free weekends, BUT my daily scheduled has changed drastically and I just haven’t been able to figure out how to use my time the last few days! I have so many things I want or need to do, BUT I just haven’t! In some ways it’s good, other ways I can’t do nothing for the next 3 months! BUT I’m also being a little hard on myself because I’ve worked non-stop even after getting Annie Rice so a few days to do nothing except watching VeggieTales and Nemo, read books, and play with toys is ok right?
I mentioned in my last post Annie Rice has been sick. She got her flu shot on Tuesday...
She is learning so much. She is getting close to standing on her own...She has learned to tell me NO, which isn’t a good thing. She has learned to say what the monkey and sheep say...She’s growing up too fast:( I got out of my car the other day and looked at her and thought, wow is this really true. Sometimes life doesn’t seem real, but I am so thankful for this sweet little girl who brings more joy to our lives than I could have ever imagined! Her and Miley have become best buddies! Kaz and I were cooking in the kitchen last night and heard Annie Rice just a giggling away..Kaz looked and her and Miley were playing a game with Annie’s toy balls! It was the cutest thing! Every morning Miley goes in her room when I get her out of bed, and Annie Rice always says Hey pup pup!:)
I have been a cooking machine lately....I have a love/hate relationship with cooking. I LIKE to cook, BUT hate knowing I have to do it everyday. So I decided to do something I haven’t done in awhile. Make freezer meals! For me, it’s the best thing because I can still cook when I want BUT if I don’t want to or life gets busy, we have something to fall back on instead of eating out! Freezer meals are great, easy, and ends up being a littler cheaper because I make so many of the same thing at a time:) Yesterday I made 4 bags of crock pot taco soup, 4 Broccoli and cheddar casseroles, 4 bags of sloppy joes for Kaz, and 4 containers of chicken enchiladas! I still have 8 other meals to make and we will be good to go:) That should last us all of December:)
Tomorrow we are going up to Columbia to spend the weekend with Todd and Liz. We are going to the Citadel/Carolina game on Saturday! There’s not a doubt in my mind that Carolina will win BUT I promised Kaz I would wear Citadel instead of Carolina...Let’s just hope I don’t change my mind:) I’m really looking forward to the game AND THEN my family is having a little party on Sunday for Annie Rice! We are so blessed!
I’ll be back next week!


Jenn said...

I love reading how happy you are and how awesome your sweet Annie is doing! She is such a doll!! We adopt OUR Annie tomorrow! Yippeeeee!!! It's been a journey!

Also, I'm sure I'm not the first to mention this, but it was bugging me and bugging me who I thought Kate Middleton reminded me of--and then I just realized---it's YOU! :)

Jemsmom said...

You watch as much Nemo and Veggie Tales as you want. It goes too fast to not enjoy it! So you are dealing with the "NO" now! Ha! I remember those days! Treasure each moment! Enjoy your weekend! At least it is supposed to warm up again!