Wednesday, April 18, 2012

such a sweet time...

I will treasure these pictures for a long time...Yesterday, was a very sweet day. Annie Rice was still really sick...I woke her up at 11. She was very shaky, pale, and just wanted mom to hold her. I decided to make a doctor's appointment just in case because she had been sleeping so much and she was so incredibly shaky. The first words out of her mouth when I woke her up was "juice". I was very thankful she drank a lot of fluids yesterday! I took her to the doctor and soon realized she had the stomach bug, ear infection, and viral infection in her mouth[she had really large sores in her mouth]. She literally laid in my lap all day yesterday and slept the majority of the day. I only put her down to fix her more juice or use the bathroom. Even though she was sick, it's a time I will never forget. I took a tad too many pictures, but that's ok:) She is doing a little better today...She's still not her normal self but I can see improvement from yesterday! Unfortunately today, Kaz has the stomach bug:(

She made me laugh so much yesterday because even though she didn't eat one thing, she wanted her cookies all day long! She wanted to sleep with them! If I took them away, while she was sleeping the first thing she said when she would wake up  was "cookies". She loves her cookies:)

 She even picks her nose while sleeping:) HaHa

 Since I was bound to the chair all day, I caught up on Army Wives:) It was some much needed rest for me too!

 and I caught up on some reading...

 Later in the day, she didn't want to drink. So I remembered this chucky cheese cup my mom bought her...and I asked if she wanted to drink out of her big girl cup like mommy was. It did the trick a couple of times!
 We took her for a ride in her favorite red wagon, but that wouldn't even get a smile out of her...but she enjoyed it none the less!

 I had another baby sleeping at my feet all day!


Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

Poor baby! Isn't it a blessing knowing you are all they need for comfort? That's such a wonderful feeling. Hope everyone is all better soon!

Bernice said...

I hope she is feeling better soon, she looks so miserable, but soooo cute.
Question..Do you put all these wonderful pictures in albums or do you make a book the kind offered by various places?
You do such great work, wish you lived in the midwest!

Hilary Lane said...

I'm glad you're all feeling better! I saw on FB a few days ago that some of my friends from college were tagged in an album from one of their friends' weddings this weekend and it said Amy Prikazsky's album. Small world :-)