Thursday, October 27, 2011

a pig and bat, the zoo, and a pet dragon....

I recently got to spend a few days with my good friends Liz and Todd. It was probably the craziest time we've had together...You would think we were both crazy if you saw us! I got to there house around 430pm. We had planned to take family pictures but had to take them quickly before the sun went down. I told Liz we needed to take them at the latest 615pm. So I get there at 430pm, Liz was trying to get ready, Charlie needed to be dressed, and Todd wasn't home yet. So I started getting Charlie ready, put Annie Rice in the pack n play with some toys, and took Charlie outside to take some individual shots while Todd and Liz got ready. Once everyone was ready, we got in the car to go to the spot where we were taking the pictures. Everyone's in the car but the keys are no where to be found...It's now 530pm. Todd looks, Liz looks, I look....550pm we finally found them in Liz's purse where she had already looked:) We get 5 minutes down the road and I ask if she has Charlie's jean jacket[he was going to wear it in the pictures]. We couldn't find it, so we turned around only to find it under my seat:) Oops....We barely get the pictures but they are GREAT:) Then the hard part comes...trying to decide where to eat dinner. I'm not a decision marker, neither is Liz....We finally decide on Zaxby's. The food comes out, and Todd realizes he didn't order for Charlie and Annie Rice split meals which was completely fine because she never eats even half of her meal. Leave Zaxby's, go home to get the kiddos to bed. I'm upstairs trying to get our monitor working...It wouldn't pick up the camera so I called Kaz who tried helping me for 30 minutes. He was googling what to do and then I suddenly realized that the power outlet wasn't working! I moved the plugin...Problem solved! CRAZY NIGHT from all of us! That's just to name a few:) After the kids went to bed, we watched How to tame your dragon. Very cute movie!

The next day, we met up with our friend Holly, who adopted sweet Ella Ray, and went to the zoo. It was so much fun! Annie Rice doesn't care much for the animals yet but she loved seeing the monkeys because they made so much noise! Liz talked me into feeding the birds, which I had already said I'm not even a bird liker....There was about 15 birds all over me. Climbing up my arm, my head, poor Annie Rice was shaking her head no because they were scaring her. Not a fan of birds!
It was a really really fun day:) 

After we got home, we put the kids in there halloween costumes for a few pictures...This first picture sums up our luck at that! Annie Rice is picking her nose while Charlie plays a dead bat! It's my favorite;)  It was definitely a challenge...We put a pumpkin behind them and it scared Annie Rice so bad she cried pretty much the whole time even when we took it away! BUT we did manage to get a few shots:) 

Even though we have crazy times together, I love every minute I get to spend with my special friend! Maybe I'll share soon how we became friends...It's a God thing for sure!


Jenny C said...

Where did you find that big costume? So cute! Also, I laughed out loud at the "bat playing dead and nose picking" pic.

So happy for yall!

Jenny C said...

"pig" not "big" costume