Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my most embarrassing moment EVER....

 We had a blast in NYC. Kaz and I really enjoyed every minute. We didn’t have a schedule, did what we wanted and it worked out perfectly...and I would probably say that it was my most fun trip to NYC to date. 
We arrived early Saturday morning and met up with our friends the Burns. We ate lunch at the fabulous Shake Shack! We strolled down 5th Avenue, through Central park, visited FAO, and rowed boats in Central Park. 
The guys had been scheming all week planning a surprise dinner for us that night...I got enough clues out of Kaz to google the restaurant and guessed it on my 2nd try:) He wasn’t very happy but I was. It was very sweet of them! They took us to Tribeca Grill. The food was very good! 
After dinner, we rushed back to our hotels to change into our 80s attire for the 80s Prom Party. We had already talked about it and knew it would be really embarrassing walking out of our hotels, BUT I have to say I NEVER imagined it would be as embarrassing as it was. We stayed in the Waldorf Astoria. As we were walking out dressed from another decade, couples were coming in wearing ball gowns and black tuxedos! To say I was embarrassed was an understatement....The moment didn’t end there, it honestly lasted all night BUT I learned some pretty valuable lessons which I will share at the end...As we walked out of our hotel, a group of women[dressed casually] started talking about us and I could hear every word. One woman said, “that girl has problems.” I wanted to crawl in a hole and cover myself! Kaz and I were the first to arrive at the 80s prom party. We waited outside for Dawn and Seth. As people kept walking by, I mentioned to Kaz that it didn’t look like anyone else was dressed up and that it would be really embarrassing if we were the only ones dressed for the part. When Dawn and Seth arrived, we walked up to the bouncer, gave him our tickets, and he just laughed at us and said the prom ended at 945. It was 10pm. It was like time stood still and none of us knew what to do or say....What made me so mad was that I had called the day before to ask what time the Prom ended and was told it lasted all night. I was so confused and absolutely humiliated for the way I was dressed! The bouncers at the door didn’t make it any easier. One of the ladies at the door treated me the worst I have ever been treated, and I at that moment wanted to burst out in tears. We ended up walking around the rest of the night and grabbed dessert at Starbucks. We made the most of the night...We really did. We had a ton of laughs about it, made a lot of jokes, but it was very embarrassing and what got me more than anything was feeling so judged by people based on my attire who didn’t know one thing about me. 
I told Kaz as we left our hotel after the girls said I had problems, that I couldn’t believe people could be so bluntly rude. But at the same time, I felt very convicted because I so often make judgements of other people for the same types of things when I know nothing about them. It may not be as obvious to them, but I do the same thing and usually don’t feel bad about it at all. It really kind of set the whole mood for our trip because Kaz and I started to say things several times about the way other people were dressed throughout the week and then we caught ourselves. 
1 Samuel 16:7
But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."
The Lord couldn’t have hit me any heavier that night than He did with that message. I saw just how ugly sin is, and how I in most cases are no different than that group of girls I walked by. It made me very sad...
So I had a lot of heavy stuff going through my mind that night, but we still had fun! We really did! I wish I was one of those care free people who didn’t care what others thought, but I’m not...I let other peoples opinions way me down, but it’s an experience I for sure will NEVER forget! 
Our good friends Liz and Todd ordered us chocolate covered strawberries[a early anniversary gift]that were waiting in our room when we returned at 1am. I told Kaz the night couldn’t have ended any better!!! I felt really bad about myself for a good 2 hours... and then get back to the room to eat my favorite Chocolate covered strawberries! We ate them all and I didn’t think twice about it:)
Here are some pictures from our first day in NYC! 


Abby said...

OK, I just have to say that you look so cute in your 80's outfit! And the younger crowd is dressing like that now! Looks like you had a great trip. Too bad you missed your prom:(

Anne @ Hello Newmans said...

Yall look so super cute! :) love the outfits!

Ashley said...

Sorry you missed the fun party but love your outfits! I hope to go to NYC someday.

E. said...

love the 80's outfits. they bring back so many memories of my childhood. so wish that people would not judge others for what they wear ... this was a post i spoke on just yesterday on my blog. it makes no sense when you don't know the whole story? nuts. glad you all had such a blast. (:

Lynne said...

I would like to share a similar embarrassing moment. My husband and I were invited to an 80's party about 3 years ago and we took another couple with us. We were all excited about bringing back the 80's. My husband wore a graduation beach shirt he still had and a KISS belt buckle. I had on blue eye shadow, an over sized shirt worn off the shoulder (like yours) and big hair with a lot of hair spray. When we got to the party, we were the ONLY ones dressed in our 80's fashion. Not one soul, not one other person was dressed up. I mean, what is an 80's party if you don't dress the part? It was embarrassing and at the same time hilarious. But, we had a blast. Lots of people complemented us on how well we brought back the 80’s.