Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas eve...

We had a great Christmas! This was the first Christmas Eve in 3 years that I've been able to spend with my family, because every year prior I had to work at Seacoast Christmas Eve services. I was so happy to know that I would be home this Christmas Eve:)
I LOVE Christmas Eve with my family[Kaz would say the same for his family]! We have a lot of traditions! First, my whole family met around 830am to eat breakfast at Roses[It's a department store but the one in Hartsville has a little cafe!] They MAKE THE BEST thin biscuits I've ever had!
After we went to Wal-Mart to walk around! We bought last minute stocking stuffers and walked around to see people we know:) [small town:)]
After Wal-Mart, Kaz and I both went running in Hartsville[He ran 9, I ran 7]. That night we went to my aunt Joyce's for dinner! You could call me the practical joker of the family...I love scaring my aunt, cousin, mom, really whoever I can! Last year I got my cousin Ryan REALLY REALLY good. SO GOOD that he has tried ever since to scare the mess out of me. WELL, I got him again christmas eve night along with my mom. I didn't mean to scare her she just happened to be there at the exact time Ryan was. I KNOW ONE DAY VERY SOON he will get me...AND I'M SURE when that day comes I'm going to need to change my pants if you know what I mean. It's been a LONG time coming!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas Eve! Below are a few pictures!
Me, Kaz, mom and dad
 Me and Kaz at Roses
 Mom and Dad at Roses
 Dad and I make rice crispy treats every year! We've done that since I've been a little girl! My favorite time to eat them is when they are hot! So usually right after we make them a big chunk is gone:)

 Miley begged the whole time we fixed them!
 Me and my cousin Ryan on Christmas Eve
 Me, Ryan, and his sister Kelsey

 We were trying to do a "mug shot" Didn't work too well!
 Me, Ryan, and my cousin Joe. I was wearing Ryan's hat! 

 Mug shot with all of Ryan's brothers and sisters![Casey, Lance, Ryan, me and Kelsey]

 Miley loved chewing her bone right in the middle of all the christmas paper!

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Melissa's Thoughts said...

love the pics, especially the mug shots. LOL My sister's dog Luci loves to open her presents. She really opens them herself..and if you don't watch, she will open yours too. HA