Thursday, September 26, 2013


Annie Rice LOVES books. She always has. She carries books around with her everywhere. She sleeps with books at night. I've actually caught onto her trick that she hides books in the sides of her bed, so if I ever take books away from her at night, she still has some "hidden" from me that she can get! The other night I went in her room and found her sleeping on 8 open books, and I counted 23 books in her bed! 
Awhile back, a friend told me about the Disney Princess Me Reader. I knew Annie Rice would like it so I got it for her birthday. She carries the Me Reader around everywhere with her! She loved it so much, I got her another one a few weeks ago with different books. Over labor day, we were tucking her into bed and she asked if she could read us a story. We said yes, and she picked Tangled. We were in shock as she proceeded to read us every page word for word. Actually, she had memorized every single page! She has memorized 10 books because of the Me Reader. Last night when we got home from church, I got her out of the van and she started reciting Cinderella to me. So we decided to try to get it on video. She's very shy about it, so I had to read parts of the pages to get her going, but this video makes my heart so happy. Especially the beginning and the end. She made sure to say, "Disney's Pixar Cinderella, and they lived happily ever after." 
The Me Reader is an awesome toy for your kids if they love books! I've already gotten her another one for Christmas with 8 new books. 


Jemsmom said...

Oh my word!! I love the Cind-e-weh-wa!! Precious girl! She has grown so much! My daughter was like that and always had books. She is one of the top readers in her grade level now! Sharing all these books is such an amazing gift that you can give a child! I have to check out these Me Readers! I have a new niece! :-)

BARBIE said...

So precious! I have a picture of my daughter sleeping on a pile of books on her bedroom floor when she was about 3.