Thursday, September 12, 2013

annual labor day trip...

Over Labor Day, we went on our 7th annual Labor Day trip with our good friends from college, the Burns and the Newmans. We go some where different every year. This year we went to the beach, and we couldn’t have made a better choice! The kids absolutely loved it and had the best time together! It was so nice to see them all play together. When they went to bed, we played our annual card games until we couldn’t stay awake any longer and ate lots and lots of cookies:) The last night we ate 29 chocolate chip cookies;/ Annie Rice and Ashlynn became best buddies. They look very similar and had the same bathing suits, so we had to do a double take sometimes to see who was who. We also got a good glimpse into what having 2 girls is going to be like:) One minute they were best friends and couldn’t get enough of each other, the next minute they were fighting and upset. Regardless, they had a great time playing together and Annie Rice has prayed for all of her “friends from the trip” every night since we’ve been back!
We had such a good time and we are so thankful for our friends! We’ve already started planning next years trip;)

 Annie Rice and Ashlynn

 the whole crew[I was on the phone when this picture was taken;/]


BARBIE said...

Oh Amy, your girls are getting so big. They are beautiful. What fun photos!

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