Monday, April 08, 2013

the Lord has been working...

 After Kaz applied for his now current job with Duke, we had to wait awhile before hearing if he would get the job. In the beginning, I really had a peace about it all, but then I got very impatient and just wanted to know what was going to reasoning was because 1) we needed to sell our house and 2) we need to find a new place to live in Hartsville. Originally, after he applied for the job, we were told it wouldn't start until the summer, so I knew we had a few months to get things in order. BUT after he got offered the job, we had 3 weeks to MOVE! We actually got the offer letter maybe 15 minutes, before a realtor was coming to our house to talk about putting it on the market. I remember having a mini freak out time that night, BUT I also really had a peace about it pretty much the whole time. That was nothing but the Lord, because we honestly didn't even know where we were moving up until a day before we left to go to Hartsville. 
From the beginning, we started looking at houses, even before Kaz was offered the job. We had a few houses that we really liked, but there was one that just stood out, and I said from the beginning that was our house. I know my friends thought I was crazy for saying that, but I really believed it. We toured the house, loved it even more, but had to wait on a few things before making an offer. 4 days before leaving Summerville, we made an offer on the house. After several counter offers, we had to walk away. Kaz and I were both disappointed, BUT I had a peace about the situation and told Kaz I still really believed this was our house, maybe we just weren't supposed to move into until a few months. So the plan was to live with my parents for a few weeks until we figured something out. After walking away from the house, we got a phone call from our realtor the next day saying the sellers would take our last counter offer and we could move in immediately! We got the keys the very next day to the house and agreed to rent until closing, which is in 3 weeks:) We said goodbye and left our house in Summerville on a Sunday morning. Leaving our house was hard, because that was our first home, and we made so many wonderful memories there. When we left on that Sunday, our house still wasn't on the market. We had to go through a lot of paperwork with the relocation company, so things took a little longer than planned. Our house officially went on the market March 7th. We didn't know how long it would take to sell it, but I continued to have a peace and knew the Lord was going to sell our house. It was a peace, He had given me through the whole process. Within 3 days, we had an all cash offer on the house! I honestly expected an offer fairly soon after putting it on the market, BUT I never expected that good of an offer or for it to sell that quickly.  Our house closed last week! It was put on the market and closed within a month! Praise the Lord. He has been working out every detail of our move. 
I don't know why I continue to doubt, when time and time again, He has been faithful to me. 
We are slowly getting adjusted. Life is so much slower here, which is a great thing! We are so blessed! 

our old house..

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