Saturday, April 27, 2013

crazy Friday...

Well, this week has proven to be a crazy one! We spent all week cleaning the house like crazy people to get ready for a 60th surprise birthday party for my mom! It forced me to finish unpacking and finally put everything in it's place. Thursday night after the party, we took a deep breath, thinking the craziness of the week was OVER...We were WRONG! Let me set the scene...
Friday morning, my parents took the girls along with our van to town, while Kaz and I went to the closing of our new house! After the closing[SO EXCITING by the way], I called my dad to see where they wanted to meet...What he said to me was a bunch of mumble, and I could tell he was nervous and something wasn't right. He told me to get to Wal-Mart as fast as I could, that my van was in the middle of the parking lot, and he wasn't sure if he put it in P. When we pulled up to the scene, I wasn't sure exactly what happened...I couldn't figure out why my car was in the middle of the lane, and not in a parking spot. We found out that, a lady pulled in front of the van[while it was in park AND in a parking spot] and instead of hitting the brake, she hit the gas...She hit the gas so hard, it pushed the van all the way back into the driving lane, causing her to come through our previous parking spot. A good 25-30 feet that the van was pushed..THANKFULLY, no one was in the car OR AROUND the car. It could have been a even worse scene than it was. We definitely have a lot to be thankful for! There is a lot of damage, but it can be repaired or replaced! I felt so bad for the lady who was responsible, because it was an accident, and I knew she was shaken up. Here's the catch: We are leaving for a week long vacation in the morning, so we knew we needed to get a rental vehicle fast. Being a small town, the rental company only had a truck, but thankfully there was a SUV in Florence that we could get. Yesterday was a crazy day, BUT the Lord's blessing continued to rain down on us, even in a bad situation. I can't believe I wasn't upset...I really wasn't. I was THANKFUL. 
The good news, we now own a house:) We are so blessed!
Now, we are off for a week of vacation. No emails or blogging for me this next week. I'm spending as much time with family as I can! 

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