Friday, September 28, 2012

catching up...

This is my attempt to catch up on the last few weeks! 

I've been doing this Ruth bible study by Kelly Minter. It has been absolutely amazing! We finished on Thursday night. It is incredible ALL the ways the Lord had worked through this study. TRUST ME, it's good:) I'll be sharing more of this sometime next week. It was definitely a life changing study. 
This is Jennifer and Marie. My 2 bible study girls and great friends!
Annie Rice and her baby doll, "Amy Rice".

at gymnastics...

Her favorite game...To act like we can't see her:)

Tea party:)

She looks like an alien. All of her sunglasses are worn up side down!
I had to wear this ugly thing for a couple of days. I had a spot removed on my face. Thankfully, it was the week Kaz was gone on his mission trip:)

what are we going to do with her hair...
While we were at my parents house, we went to see my good buddy's Mr. Billy and Mr. AP.
Mr. AP got Annie Rice a baby doll. She was so happy. She was not feeling good that day, so I had to bribe her with a sucker to take a picture with these 2. After we left the nursing home, we went to Wal-Mart and they were out of dum dums. So I asked what she wanted and she picked out a whole bag of candy corn. She had a death grip on that bag! I finally got it away from her, and 5 candy corns did the trick:)

I bought this for our kitchen. It's beautiful!


will + adri said...

I got that same adoption sign for my birthday!

will + adri said...

I got that same adoption sign for my birthday!

Chelsea Morra said...

Where did you find the adoption painting/sign?! My brother and sister are adopted and I'd love to get that sign for my parents! They live on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina!