Monday, March 05, 2012

a little break...

This past weekend, my parents kept Annie Rice while Kaz and I had a little weekend to ourselves. It was very nice BUT we were SO HAPPY to see our sweet little girl on Sunday! We tried to relax and not do a lot, but that didn’t seem to work out the way we planned! Friday night, we went to dinner with some friends! Saturday, we decided to go to one of my favorite stores Handpicked because I had a gift card I hadn’t used...Handpicked is about 35 minutes from our house in Mt. Pleasant..Then we decided to go downtown Charleston[about 15 minutes away from Mt. Pleasant] to my favorite restaurant. We got downtown a little before 11 so we decided to walk around a bit and kill some time! It started raining so we made our way to Sermets Corner, my favorite restaurant in all of Charleston, only to find out it was under renovation:( We then made our way BACK to Mt. Pleasant to grab lunch at another place. After lunch, we went to the gun range[about 45 minutes away from Mt. Pleasant and about 20 minutes from our house]. The point is to show you we DROVE A LOT! I have never been to the gun range before. The word G-U-N has never been in my vocabulary. I don’t like them, I don’t like seeing them, even not loaded. NEVER HAVE. But, with all my late night traveling, we decided it would probably be a good thing to at least know how to use one if I ever needed to...So while we waited to get on the range[a 2 hour wait], Kaz showed me some possible guns he had thought about for my car. TAKE ALL OF THIS INTO ACCOUNT....I don’t like guns, I’m in a new place with guns everywhere, my nerves were already a little shaky! We were bending down at the glass counter and my back was to this lady behind me. All of a sudden, I heard BOOOOOM right behind me...not just a little boom BUT A BIG ONE. I think I probably came closer to having a heart attack than I ever have in my whole life! The lady behind me had dropped a medium size safe! No wonder it made so much noise! Scared me to death! But after the shock, it was pretty funny! After the whole range thing, we rented a movie and made hamburgers! It really was such a fun 2 days with just Kaz. 
Oh yea-and we did a lot of this:)
Thanks PaPa and MeMe for watching Annie Rice:) She enjoyed her time too!


Chrissie said...

Glad you had a good weekend and enjoyed some sweet time together.

Rain said...

and you found love them even more after a little time away.......and thats great!! :)