Tuesday, February 28, 2012

sewing a skirt...possibly never again!

So, I woke up last Friday morning like any other morning. Before getting out of bed, I checked my email, facebook, E News, Groupon, Living Social, and Pinterest. How bad is that? Not only that I did it one morning, but I do it every morning:( Anyway, when I was looking at Pinterest I saw this skirt. 
It said, Easy to Sew skirt. I immediately fell in LOVE! We didn't have any plans over the weekend so I thought it would be the perfect time to make it! So, Friday morning I went to the fabric store, found the perfect fabric, got more than enough to make the skirt and as soon as I laid Annie Rice down for a nap I started working! I got about 1.5 hours into it and I was at a good place! We went out to dinner Friday night with some friends and after we came back home I decided to start working on the skirt piece. I knew it would be a challenge because I had to put a zipper in it and I have  never done that so I watched a few youtube videos and started to work....Not long after, I was in a horrible mood and just wanted to go to bed! I made it too small and was over the whole thing! Kaz talked me into trying again and he said he would go to the fabric store with me the next morning! 
Saturday, NEW day, picked up the fabric and got to work! The zipper was in, no problem! It seemed like I kept running into problem after problem with my sewing machine and I ALMOST GAVE UP! I kept fighting with it and finally finished the skirt! I tried it on and I was just PLAIN MAD! IT LOOKED AWFUL! IT WAS TOO BIG! AND TO TOP IT OFF, I WASTED SO MUCH OF MY WEEKEND TIME:( BAD MOOD, YET AGAIN!
A little later in the night, I decided to wash it and dry it! I knew it would shrink a little, I just didn't know how much. To my surprise, it shrank almost enough! I mustarded up the courage to wear it to church on Sunday and I actually really like it a lot! It's still a little big in the waste but I'll go with it! It doesn't look like the above picture at all, but still pretty cute! I don't know if I will be making any more skirts for ME anytime soon, but will continue making outfits for Annie Rice...at least until I get fed up enough;) Here's the finished product!


Unknown said...

Can't help but laugh because I had major sewing frustrations with a skirt of my own this weekend. It may be awhile before I try again. :-)

Chrissie said...

I hate when you invest time in a project that doesn't work out how you wanted. So sorry... BUT it looks adorable on you!

Bernice said...

I was horrid at sewing,I cant even sew a button on good,so I know your frustration, you did a Great job even if it did take all weekend, the skirt is cute:)