Wednesday, February 22, 2012

dock dogs and family...

This past weekend my parents came in town. Every year Charleston has a big Wildlife Expo and we decided to go to part of it this weekend. We went to see the dock dogs! I LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs but especially the retrievers:) I had a lot of fun watching these dogs. I really thought Annie Rice would like it too, but every time one jumped in the water she cried! I’m not sure what it was but she was fine until each dog jumped in the water. So mom walked her around in the stroller so we could watch a little more of the competition. There were several dogs that looked just like Miley but this one was almost identical! 
The only difference is Miley is a tad overweight so she would probably sink in the water! JUST KIDDING:) She’s not that big...maybe only 5 pounds over weight:) We had a great time though, and since then I’ve wanted to do absolutely nothing, hence the lack of blogging:)

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