Monday, August 26, 2013

swinging and nose blowing...

I can’t believe it’s almost September..I can’t believe we’ve lived in Hartsville now for 6 months...I can’t believe in a month, my sweet little baby Maggie will be 1 year old. Life has just flown by lately! It has been a busy summer. 

Back in June, I took over the coordinator position for MOPS of Darlington County[Mother’s of Preschoolers]. Our year starts next week, and I have been so busy all summer getting thing ready for the year. The Lord has been working in so many ways in this ministry, as well as my own life, and I’m really excited to see what the Lord does this year in the lives of so many moms. 

A few weeks ago, Kaz and I spent the weekend in Asheville. We had such a good time! Even though I grew up and now live in the country, I am not an outdoorsy person. I rarely like walking in the grass, I don’t like bugs, etc. Everytime Kaz has asked me to go for a hike, I have started, and let my fears stop me before getting probably 50 feet...BUT I promised him I would go for a hike with him in Asheville. He told me the hike would be 3 miles. Ok, I can handle 3 miles..We started and about 45 minutes into it, my sweet loving husband informed me the hike was 3 miles both ways! I wasn’t happy during, especially when he took me through snakesville USA, but he pushed me to conquer my fears and we had a great time on the hike! The view at the top was beautiful!
Annie Rice and Maggie are growing way too fast. I can’t believe that in a month, I will no longer have a baby. I thank the Lord everyday that I’m able to stay at home with them. 
Annie Rice loves watching Adventures in Oddessy, puzzles, and playing the “smart game”, aka Brain Quest. Maggie is standing on her own and cruising along furniture. Before long, she will be walking;/ Time slow down. 
 Her new friend, "Mr. Benjamin." She always calls him MR. 
 First time EVER, wanting to swing on a swing set! The Lord has brought her so far in her physical development. 
Maggie's new thing...LOVE it. 

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elizabeth said...

I love it when you post. After the posts when you so longed for a baby, seeing your happy and full life with your two girlies is wonderful!