Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a special day...

Yesterday was Annie Rice's special day, so we celebrated all day! She decided to sleep in until 9, no complaint on my end:) When she woke up, I made cake batter pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast, and we watched the movie Cars. She had therapy and then went down for a nap. When she woke up, Kaz was home and boy did she show off! For dinner, we cooked spaghetti, her favorite! And then, we had to end the night with a chocolate cupcake! If she didn't make a good enough mess with the spaghetti, she certainly did with the cupcake! We had such a fun day with this sweet little girl! She is growing up way too fast! I took a lot of pictures from the day[with my good camera instead of just my phone:)]. Below are a few of my favorite! Trust me, these are just a few! I had to narrow down 215 pictures! I'm a little obsessed with pictures:)

 this is her "what the shark does" face

 Just for Annie...We all made duck faces. Her favorite face to make!


Dawn said...

Look at all of her curls! :) Love them and her side pony tail! :)

Jonathan and Rachel said...

Love the pictures of her eating/wearing the spaghetti and cupcake...what a cutie pie!!