Wednesday, May 11, 2011

some favorites...

I have a couple favorite things right now...I have ALWAYS loved going to the movies! I get a $50 gift card every Christmas to the movies and it's usually gone by February! I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to the movies! Kaz and I rarely want to see the same movie...I like girly movies and he likes guy movies! I can't watch war/some suspense movies because I dream about them. AND it's really hard to go with friends because most of them have children and it's hard to work it out! SO as of lately, I've started going by myself, during the week, to the matinees. I LOVE IT! Some women like pedicures, massages, etc[I love those too] but to me this is my top choice! AND I always get a small popcorn and diet coke! It's NOT heathy at all BUT it's ok to have it every once in a while! I went today to see Something Borrowed. Such a CUTE movie minus the affair:)

 I am unfortunately sick again:( I've had a consistent fever since Monday night of 101.5-102.5. I have been rotating Advil and Tylenol and it helps but it's still there. I went to the doctor and it's just some virus I picked up! I always manage to get sick when Kaz goes to Colorado:( Both times that I have been sick, I have ONLY wanted Chicken Noodle Soup from Panera Bread. It's an automatic "feel better" meal! I've had it Tuesday, today, and I plan on having it tomorrow:)

 I am in love with Blake Shelton's new song Honeybee! To see the video click here!

If you'll be my soft and sweet
I'll be your strong and steady
You'll be my glass of wine 
I'll be your shot of whiskey
You'll be my sunny day
I'll be your shade tree
You'll be my honeysuckle
I'll be your honey bee

You'll be my Louisiana
I'll be your Mississippi 
You'll be my little Loretta
I'll be your Conway Twitty
You'll be my sugar baby
I'll be your sweet iced tea
You'll be my honeysuckle 
And I'll be your honey bee

I'll be your honey bee 

AND Miley's new favorite thing: Her tennis balls! We normally don't give her tennis balls because she tears them up, BUT we started throwing them to her outside and she WON'T forget about them when she comes inside. We have been hiding them in the kitchen pantry and she will just sit beside it and look up and whine until we get them out! So I've given up! She can have them! I have been letting her sleep with me since Kaz is gone. At night, I put them on the top shelf of the bookshelf beside our bed. I woke up last night at 2am and noticed she wasn't in the bed. I looked over and she was sitting on the floor looking up at that ball! She's rotten!

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Bernice said...

Looking forward to seeing Something Borrowed, my only concern is when I go to the movies I need the popcorn and diet coke but I always want the extra butter drizzled on it,that is not healthy;)
Give that spoiled darling Miley all the tennis balls she wants!
Hope you feel better soon!